* indicates graduate student coauthor

Analogies for a No-Analog World: Tackling Uncertainties in Species Reintroductions - forthcoming

with Elizabeth S. Forbes*,  Peter S. Alagona, Andrea J. Adams*, Kevin C. Brown*, Jolie Colby*, Scott D. Cooper, Sean M. Denny*, Elizabeth H.T. Hiroyasu*, Robert Heilmayer, Bruce E. Kendall, Jennifer A. Martin, Molly Hardesty-Moore*, Alexis M. Mychaljliw, Brian P. Tyrrell, and Zoë S. Welch*. Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

with Phillip Ehret*, Heather E. Hodges, Colin Kuehl*, Cameron Brick*, and Sean Mueller*. Environment and Behavior. 

with Elizabeth H.T. Hiroyasu* and Chris Miljanich*. Human Dimensions of Wildlife.

Online Supporting Information

with Matthew Wibbenmeyer* and Andrew J. Plantinga. Economic Inquiry. 

with Edward Keller, Chandler Adamaitis, Paul Alessio, Erica Goto*, Summer Gray, Larry Gurrola, and Kristin Morell. Geomorphology. 

with Terry L. Anderson, Alice C. Hill, Matthew E. Kahn, Howard Kunreuther, Gary D. Libecap, Hahri Manripragada, Pierre Merel, Andrew J. Plantinga, and Kerry Smith. Climate Change Economics. 

with Ryan R. Bart, Maureen C. Kennedy, Andrew J. MacDonald, Max A. Moritz, Andrew J. Plantinga, Christina L. Tague, and Matthew Wibbenmeyer*. Nature Climate Change.

with Joseph Palazzo* and Christina Tague. Public Administration Review.

with Erendira Aceves-Bueno*, Adeyemi S. Adeleye*, Marina Feraud*, Yuxiong Huang*, Mengya Tao*, Yi Yang*. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America.

with Joseph Palazzo*, Owen R. Liu*, Timbo Stillinger*, Runsheng Song*, Ying Wang*, Elizabeth Hiroyasu*, Jose Zentano*, and Christina Tague. Water Resources Research.

with Matthew Potoski. Public Administration Research and Theory.

with Daniel Butler and Laurel Harbridge. Legislative Studies Quarterly.

with Erendira Aceves-Bueno*, Adeyemi Adeleye*, Darcy Bradley*, William Brandt*, Patrick Callery*, Marina Feraud*, Kendra Garner*, Rebecca Gentry*, Yuxiong Huang*, Ian McCullough*, Isaac Pearlman*, Sara Sutherland*, Whitney Wilkinson*, Yi Yang*, Trevor Zink*, and Christina Tague. Ecosystems.

with Jonathan Woon. Congress and the Presidency.

with Jessica Doerpinghaus*, Katie Hentrich*, Molly Troup*, and Aristoteles Stavrinaky*. Marine Policy.

with Jaime Sainz-Santamaria*. Risk, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy.

with Heather Hodges* and Terry L. Anderson. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

with Kristen Carden*, Crow White, Steven Gaines, and Chris Costello. Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy.

with Xiaoli Chen*, Nathan Emery*, Elizabeth S. Garcia*, Erin J. Hanan*, Heather Hodges*, Tyronne Martin*, Matthew A. Meyers*, Lindsey E. Peavey*, Hui Peng*, Jaime Sainz*, Kellie A. Uyeda*, and Christina Tague. Environmental Management.

with Jonathan Woon. Legislative Studies Quarterly.

with Laurel Harbridge. Public Administration Review.

Sarah E. Anderson | Professor of Environmental Politics

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