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* Indicates Graduate Student Coauthor

* indicates graduate student coauthor

Inequality in Agency Responsiveness: Evidence from Salient Wildfire Events - 2023
with Sarah Anderson, Matthew Wibbenmeyer, and Andrew J. Plantinga.
Journal of Politics
Legislators Do Not Harness Voter Support for Disaster Preparedness - 2022
with Sarah Anderson, Rob DeLeo, and Kristin Taylor
Risks Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy
Concrete Diversity Initiatives in Political Science: A Faculty Workload Intervention Program - 2022
with Heather Stoll, Michele McLaughlin-Zamora, and Sarah E. Anderson
PS: Political Science and Politics
Unequal Treatments: Federal Wildfire Fuels Projects and Socioeconomic Status of Nearby Communities- 2022
with Anderson, Sarah E., Andrew J. Plantinga, and Matthew Wibbenmeyer
NBER Chapters
Driving Legislators’ Policy Preferences: Constituent Commutes and Gas Taxes - 2021
with Anderson, Sarah E., Daniel M. Butler, Laurel Harbridge-Yong, and G. Agustin Markarian*
Legislative Studies Quarterly
How managers can reduce household water use through communication: A field experiment - 2020
with Heather Hodges*, Colin Kuehl*, Phillip Ehret* and Cameron Brick*
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.
Systematic Review of Household Water Conservation Interventions Using the Information–Motivation–Behavioral Skills Model - 2020
with Phillip Ehret*, Heather E. Hodges*, Colin Kuehl*, Cameron Brick*, and Sean Mueller*
Environment and Behavior.
Analogies for a No-Analog World: Tackling Uncertainties in Species Reintroductions - 2020
with Elizabeth S. Forbes*, Peter S. Alagona, Andrea J. Adams*, Kevin C. Brown*, Jolie Colby*, Scott D. Cooper, Sean M. Denny*, Elizabeth H.T. Hiroyasu*, Robert Heilmayer, Bruce E. Kendall, Jennifer A. Martin, Molly Hardesty-Moore*, Alexis M. Mychaljliw, Brian P. Tyrrell, and Zoë S. Welch*
Trends in Ecology and Evolution.
Inequality in Agency Responsiveness: Evidence from Salient Wildfire Events - 2020
with Andrew Plantinga, and Matthew Wibbenmeyer*
Resources for the Future
Applications in Geomorphology - 2019
with Terry L. Anderson, Alice C. Hill, Matthew E. Kahn, Howard Kunreuther, Gary D. Libecap, Hahri Manripragada, Pierre Merel, Andrew J. Plantinga, and Kerry Smith
Climate Change Economics
Policy Entrepreneurs, Legislators, and Agenda Setting: Information and Influence - 2019
with Rob A. DeLeo and Kristin Taylor
Policy Studies Journal.
Salience and the Government Provision of Public Goods - 2019
with Matthew Wibbenmeyer* and Andrew J. Plantinga
Economic Inquiry.
The Critical Role of Markets in Climate Adaptation - 2019
with Edward Keller, Chandler Adamaitis, Paul Alessio, Erica Goto*, Summer Gray, Larry Gurrola, and Kristin Morell
Non-Governmental Monitoring of Local Governments Increases Compliance with Central Mandates: A National-Scale Field Experiment in China - 2019
with Mark Buntaine, Mengdi Liu*, and Bing Zhang
American Journal of Political Science.
Economic losses or environmental gains? Framing effects on public support for environmental management - 2019
with Alex H. DeGolia* and Elizabeth H.T. Hiroyasu*
Drivers of Support: The Case of Species Reintroductions with an Ill-Informed Public - 2019
with Elizabeth H.T. Hiroyasu* and Chris Miljanich*
Human Dimensions of Wildlife.
The Dangers of Disaster-Driven Responses to Climate Change - 2018
with Joseph Palazzo* and Christina Tague
Nature Climate Change
The Accuracy of Citizen Science Data: A Quantitative Review - 2017
with Erendira Aceves-Bueno*, Adeyemi S. Adeleye*, Marina Feraud*, Yuxiong Huang*, Mengya Tao*, Yi Yang*
Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America.
Institutional Connectivity and Water Conservation during Drought - 2017
with Ryan R. Bart, Maureen C. Kennedy, Andrew J. MacDonald, Max A. Moritz, Andrew J. Plantinga, Christina L. Tague, and Matthew Wibbenmeyer*
Public Administration Review.
Urban Responses to Restrictive Conservation Policy During Drought - 2017
with Joseph Palazzo*, Owen R. Liu*, Timbo Stillinger*, Runsheng Song*, Ying Wang*, Elizabeth Hiroyasu*, Jose Zentano*, and Christina Tague
Water Resources Research
Legislative Institutions as a Source of Party Leaders' Influence - 2016
with Daniel Butler and Laurel Harbridge
Legislative Studies Quarterly
Agency Structure and the Distribution of Federal Spending - 2016
with Matthew Potoski
Public Administration Research and Theory
Citizen Science as an Approach for Overcoming Insufficient Monitoring and Inadequate Stakeholder Buy-in in Adaptive Management: Criteria and Evidence - 2015
with Erendira Aceves-Bueno*, Adeyemi Adeleye*, Darcy Bradley*, William Brandt*, Patrick Callery*, Marina Feraud*, Kendra Garner*, Rebecca Gentry*, Yuxiong Huang*, Ian McCullough*, Isaac Pearlman*, Sara Sutherland*, Whitney Wilkinson*, Yi Yang*, Trevor Zink*, and Christina Tague
The Policy Consequences of Motivated Information Processing among the Partisan Elite - 2014
with Laurel Harbridge
American Politics Research
Delaying the Buck: Who Wins from Bargaining Delay? - 2014
with Jonathan Woon
Congress and the Presidency
Critical components of uncertainty communication in life cycle assessments of emerging technologies: Nanotechnology as a case study - 2014
with Sheetal Gavankar* and Arturo A. Keller
Journal of Industrial Ecology
An Assessment of Sector Separation on the Gulf of Mexico Recreational Red Snapper Fishery - 2014
with Jessica Doerpinghaus*, Katie Hentrich*, Molly Troup*, and Aristoteles Stavrinaky*
Marine Policy
Perspectives on disconnects between science and management in post-fire treatment in the Western US - 2013
with Xiaoli Chen*, Nathan Emery*, Elizabeth S. Garcia*, Erin J. Hanan*, Heather Hodges*, Tyronne Martin*, Matthew A. Meyers*, Lindsey E. Peavey*, Hui Peng*, Jaime Sainz*, Kellie A. Uyeda*, and Christina Tague
Environmental Management
Technical Management in an Age of Openness: The Political, Public, and Environmental Forest Ranger - 2013
with Heather Hodges* and Terry L. Anderson
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Ecosystem Service Tradeoff Analysis: Quantifying the Cost of a Legal Regime - 2013
with Kristen Carden*, Crow White, Steven Gaines, and Chris Costello
Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy
The Political Economy of Wildfire Management: Saving Forests, Saving Houses, or Burning Money - 2013
Chapter 6, with Terry Anderson
Invitation Phone Calls Increase Attendance at Civic Meetings: Evidence from a Field Experiment - 2013
with Scott Hock and Matthew Potoski
Public Administration Review
The Electoral Politics of Disaster Preparedness-2013
with Jaime Sainz-Santamaria*
Risk, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy
Policy Domain-Specific Ideology: When Interest Group Scores Offer More Insight - 2012
Sarah Anderson
Politics and Policy
Political Bargaining and the Timing of Congressional Appropriations - 2012
with Jonathan Woon
Legislative Studies Quarterly
Complex Constituencies: Intense Environmentalists and Representation - 2011
Sarah Anderson
Environmental Politics
Incrementalism in Appropriations: Small Aggregation, Big Changes - 2010
with Laurel Harbridge
Public Administration Review.
Revisiting Adjusted ADA Scores for the U.S. Congress, 1947-2007 - 2008
with Phil Habel
Political Analysis
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