Sarah E. Anderson

Associate Professor of Environmental Politics

Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

and Department of Political Science


University of California, Santa Barbara


​​Dr. Anderson studies how politics shapes the policies that we do (or don’t) get from the political system. She’s a particular expert on congressional politics, having worked for a member of Congress before going to graduate school. Her recent work has been focused on trying to understand why politicians don't compromise and how citizen responses to salient wildfires affect distribution of government resources. She finds creative ways to use data to quantify these political phenomena – such as using the federal budget to quantify policy priorities.  She also serves as director of a center on campus that builds capacity and expertise in others and brings together researchers from across disciplines. In this capacity, she works with students and faculty to overcome social and political barriers to solving environmental problems.

Get in Touch

Contact Sarah E. Anderson regarding her research, courses, or other inquires.

Sarah Anderson
Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Department of Political Science
4510 Bren Hall
University of California  Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5131

Phone: 805-893-5886

Fax: 805-893-7612

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